What Olympic Events Start Today?

Today is the first day of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! Here’s a look at what events are happening today.

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100m Breaststroke

The 100m breaststroke is a swimming event that is contested at the Olympic Games. The event consists of four lengths of the pool, with each length being swum using a breaststroke technique. The event is open to both men and women, and has been a part of the Olympic Games since 1896.

The 100m breaststroke is often considered to be one of the toughest events in swimming, as it requires a combination of speed, endurance and technique. The world record for the event is held by South African swimmer Cameron van der Burgh, who swam a time of 58.46 seconds at the 2012 Olympic Games.

100m Backstroke

The 100m backstroke is a swimming event. The race consists of four lengths of the pool, and competitors must swim on their backs throughout.

The 100m backstroke is one of the most popular events at the Olympic Games, and is often seen as one of the most exciting races. It is also one of the oldest swimming events, having been contested at the first modern Olympics in 1896.

Today, the 100m backstroke is contested by both men and women. The world record for the men’s race is 52.16 seconds, set by Ryan Murphy at the 2016 Olympics, while the women’s world record is 58.10 seconds, set by Missy Franklin at the 2012 Olympics.

100m Butterfly

The 100m butterfly, sometimes called the “fly,” is a swimming event in which competitors must complete two lengths of the pool, using only butterfly stroke. It is considered one of the most difficult swimming events, as it requires a high degree of coordination and strength.

The 100m butterfly was first introduced as an Olympic event in 1956, and has been contested at every Summer Olympics since then. The event is open to both men and women, and is currently one of the most popular events in Olympic swimming.

Today, the 100m butterfly is being contested at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The heats for the event are scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM (local time), with the finals set to take place later tonight.


The first Olympic diving event starts today! The men’s 3m springboard semifinal and the women’s 10m platform semifinal will take place today. Let’s take a closer look at the two events.

3m Springboard

The 3m springboard is one of the most popular diving events. It is an individual event where each diver performs six dives, with the highest and lowest scores being dropped. The 3m springboard was first contested in the 1904 Summer Olympics and has been on the Olympic programme ever since. The event is usually held on the first day of the Olympic diving competition.

10m Platform

The 10m Platform event in diving starts today at the Olympic Games. This event is open to both men and women, and consists of a single dive from a platform 10m above the water.

Divers will be judged on their execution, splash and entry, as well as the overall difficulty of their dive. The dives are performed in a Preliminary Round, with each diver performing five dives. The top 12 divers then advance to the Semi-Finals, where they perform another five dives. The top six divers from the Semi-Finals then advance to the Final Round, where they perform a single dive.

The 10m Platform event is one of the most popular events at the Olympic Games, with many spectators enjoying the high-flying acrobatics of the divers. Be sure to tune in today to see who will take home the gold medal!

Track and Field

The first event of the day is the Men’s 400m Hurdles. This event will have some of the best athletes in the world competing against each other. The next event is the Women’s 100m. This event will be exciting to watch as the best female sprinters in the world go head to head.


The 100m sprint is a track and field event that has been part of the men’s Olympic Games since 1896 and the women’s Olympic Games since 1928. The event takes place on a straight, 400m long course and consists of two heats, with the winner of each heat advancing to the final. The 100m sprint is one of the most popular Olympic events, with some of the world’s fastest sprinters often considered among the greatest athletes in history.

110m Hurdles

The 110 metres hurdles, or 110-metre hurdles, is a hurdling track and field event for men. It is included in the athletics programme at the Summer Olympic Games. The female counterpart of the 110 metres hurdles is the 100 metres hurdles. As part of a racing event, ten hurdles of 1.067 metres (3.5 ft or 42 inches) in height are evenly spaced along a straight course of 110 metres. They are positioned so that they will fall over if bumped into by the runner. Fallen hurdles do not carry a time penalty for the runners. Like any other race, the winner is the runner who completes the run in the shortest time.
The world record set by Colin Jackson on 7 August 1993 in Stuttgart has stood as the IAAF world record for men’s 110m hurdles for over 20 years and is still recognised by UKA as a World Best Performance; it has not been surpassed legally, i.e., without wind assistance.
Hurdling technique has been shown to significantly affect energy expenditure and therefore race times. A notable research finding was that forward lean from the hips at takeoff increased race speed and reduced energy expenditure relative to upright posture; this supports anecdotal “gut feel” reports that this technique feels more efficient than a more upright posture.


Today’s events include the men’s and women’s 200m races. The 200m is a sprint race that has been part of the Olympic Games since 1896. It is considered one of the most important races in track and field, as it is often used to predict success in other events.

The men’s and women’s 200m races will take place today at 4:00pm and 4:15pm respectively.


The 400 meter sprint is an athletic event that is part of the Olympics track and field program. The 400m race consists of two laps around a standard running track. The objective of the race is to complete the laps as quickly as possible.

The 400m sprint is considered to be one of the most difficult events in track and field, as it requires both speed and endurance. The average time for a male sprinter to complete the race is around 45 seconds, while female sprinters typically finish in around 50 seconds.

Today, the 400m sprint will be taking place at 3:00pm EST.


The 2020 Tokyo Olympic gymnastics competition starts today with the qualifying rounds for both the men’s and women’s individual all-around competitions. The qualifying round will determine the placement of the gymnasts in the final competition, which will be held on Wednesday, July 29.

Men’s Floor Exercise

The floor exercise is an event in artistic gymnastics. The floor exercise entails a routine performed on a spring floor, which may be constructed of plywood or fiberglass. Male gymnasts must perform a floor routine consisting of between 4 and 8 elements which must be performed in a continuous flow without any pauses.

Both male and female gymnasts are judged on the quality of their execution, the originality of their routines, and the difficulty of their skills. The annual World Championships are held every year to decide who the best gymnasts in the world are.

Women’s Balance Beam

The gymnastics competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will feature three events for women and two events for men. The women will compete in the team event, the all-around, and the individual event finals. The men will compete in the team event and the all-around.

The women’s balance beam final will be held on August 9th at 3:00 PM Japan Standard Time.

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